It's roots go back to 1976 when the six series was released, this sporting coupe fits the bill very well as a compromise between a racer and a luxury grand tourer.

0-60 in 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 156mph with luxurious 2+2 accomodation this machine will shuttle you along to your destination with style, poise and not a little speed.

The standard 6 series had up to a 3.43 litre giving a top speed of over 130mph. But this wasn't quite supercar country.

Around this time BMW where engineering a little number known as the M1. The engine that was being developed for this unique out and out supercar was a twin cam, 24 valve verson of the 3.5 litre straight six, giving around 286 hp.

BMW where also interested in using the 6 series in touring car competition and so they needed a proven racing engine that was readily available. So marrying the M1s powerplant and the coupe where a logical step. This resulted in the M635CSi (M standing for Motorsport) being announced in mid 1983.

The 3.5 litre race proven engine is a beautiful match with the weight and size of the car, although at 3500 pounds the car is no lightweight being fully loaded with the toys including full high quality leather and deep pile carpets. The transmission was a 5 speed Getrag gearbox with 3rd gear giving acceleration all the way up to a cool 100mph. Electronically controlled anti lock brakes bring this heavyweight to a controlled stop, while the (ball and nut) power steering is perfectly weighted, helping to give easy control of the good handling characteristics which is also helped by the large 240/45 tyres, although the ride comfort is sometimes a little unforgiving and harsh on rough roads. BBS alloys are standard. The M6 wasn't introduced to the USA until 3 years after it's debut in Europe. The USA model performance was down slightly to 256hp and 144mph top speed.

Typical BMW values of reliability, build quality and a full service schedule are the norm giving the prospective buyer the confidence to purchase this extravagant sporting coupe and may seem the more obvious and sensible choice rather than one of the possible Italian Grand Tourers.

S. Cookson

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